Past Fellows

Inaugural Microbiome Initiative Fellows: 2020-2021

Alex Golden

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Mentors: Kirill Korolev and Pankaj Mehta

Research interests: Understanding how coarse-grained physical phenomena constrain the behavior and population structure of microbial communities

Chiara Ricci-Tam

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Mentors: Allison Sgro and Mo Khalil

Research Interests: how the social microbe Dictyostelium discoideum form robust spatial patterns despite order of magnitude variation in microbe numbers (microbe-microbe interactions) and environmental conditions (microbe-environment interactions), then apply these fundamental principles of microbial community dynamics to engineering synthetic communities based on these features in the non-social microbe Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Zoey Werbin

Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Mentors: Jenny Bhagnatar, Daniel Segrè, Kirill Korolev

Research interests: Soil microbial interactions, biogeochemistry, ecological forecasting