News and Events

Welcome to the new semester!

We had a great time on Tuesday, September 21 with faculty, trainees old and new, and staff as we gathered for a Microbiome Initiative breakfast. It was great to see everyone, meet new people, and chat about the research going on in different labs!


Trainees Journal Club

    • Join trainees from across the Microbiome Initiative as they read and discuss recently published work in the microbial ecosystem sciences. Meetings are biweekly and all are welcome. Click here to sign up!


  • Thursday, 2/4/21: Research on Tap: Cancer and the Microbiome

Microbial communities in the human body and their interaction play a vital role in health and disease. In particular, the microbiome has become an important focus of cancer research, including its role in tumor progression, immunity, and in the efficacy of cancerimmunotherapy. Still, there remain significant gaps in our understanding of how molecular interactions can be used to develop more effective prevention, diagnostics, and treatment strategies.

This Research on Tap event will highlight the broad range of microbiome research in cancer being conducted by BU faculty, and work to establish a community for interaction and support across a variety of cancer applications.

  • Thursday, 2/4/21: Dr. Alma Dal Col: "Interaction networks in microbial communities" Systems Biology Seminar

  • Monday, 2/1/21: Dr. Cara Pina: "Stress Management: Bacterial stress responses survival," about E.coli HNS as a regulator of stress responses and the response of S. oneidensis to short term starvation and stationary phase transition.