To apply, please upload proposals here by the end of the day on December 2, 2022.

Please include the following in your proposal:

1. Project Description (two pages) – a clear description of the work and how it synergizes with the research themes of the Microbiome Initiative – limited to two pages, single-spaced, 11 pt font, one-inch margins; you may add an additional page for references.

Include the following sections:

i. Research Aims

ii. Approach.

iii. Plans for subsequent support by external grants.

iv. Description of how the trainee(s) can benefit from the Microbiome Initiative and contribute to it.

v. Project Milestones and Timeline.

2. Budget & Justification

The budget period for this Accelerator begins January 2023. Please indicate how the funds will be allocated across:

a. Personnel

b. Research-related costs (i.e., research supplies)

c. Equipment

d. Other

3. Team structure and trainee(s) endorsement (one page maximum).

Please include:

i. List of all individuals who will be involved or supported through this project (including their names, contact information, school/department at BU, and their roles).

ii. Description of how the funds will be managed and distributed.

iii. Endorsement statement by mentor(s) of trainee(s) involved.

Please contact Kaitlin Valli at with any questions.